Copay determined by insurance and/or therapist is due at beginning of session. Session length is 45 minutes unless otherwise determined. Late arrivals will still need to end on time.

If account is overdue more than one session, further sessions will be postponed until bill is caught up. Outstanding balance will be charged to required on-file credit/debit card. Advance payment is accepted. Per insurance rules, I cannot waive or change a copay/coinsurance amount for clients being seen through in-network provider insurance benefits.

Session rates are $250 for first session; $150-200 for each additional (depending on session length). I offer generous sliding scale discounts for self-pay clients; contact me to discuss further.

Self-pay bulk discount: Purchase and schedule sessions in bulk to receive a percentage discount (off whatever rate we negotiate, per previous paragraph).

  • 3 sessions = 10%                 There is no cancellation allowed for bulk-discount clients.
  • 6 sessions = 20%                 Any sessions missed/not used will not be rescheduled
  • 10 sessions = 25%               or reimbursed ($50 cancel fee will not be charged).