I provide individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults, including the elderly. If desired, I offer a free one-time consultation by phone, text or email, prior to scheduling your first visit. Email is the most efficient way to reach me initially, and to set an appointment for the free consultation. We will briefly discuss your goals for therapy and determine whether I am the best fit for your needs.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about billing, fees, insurance coverage, etc. I am well-versed in how it all works and my goal is to help you find an affordable way to receive the therapeutic care you seek. That being said, please understand the following:

Prior to attending your first scheduled session, it is required for legal purposes that you have completed all online documents, via the Client Portal of my scheduling website. This includes a credit/debit card form. That is required regardless of whether you have a copay. This serves three purposes (in addition to easy payment of any copays):

  1. It allows me to collect the $50 non-refundable fee for late-cancels and no-shows. This includes a $50 charge for the first session if you late-cancel or no-show (see other policy).
  2. It allows me to collect payment at time of service if you forget to bring cash or check for your copay, or your account is past due.
  3. It provides a method by which I can collect payment for services rendered in the event your insurance denies payment. While this is extremely rare and you and I will take steps to ensure you have insurance coverage and authorization, there are times when a problem arises, and I am not financially able to be unpaid for services I provided to you in good faith of payment. I verify your insurance as a courtesy, but it is up to you to know your plan’s coverage, details, dates, and limits.

Questions to ask your insurance company prior to our pre-session consultation:

  • Do I have coverage for outpatient mental health treatment?
  • Is Wishing Wellness Counseling & Coaching an in-network provider?
  • If not, does my health plan cover out-of-network providers?
  • Is pre-authorization required?
  • Have I met my deductible?
  • Is there a maximum number of therapy sessions allowed under my current coverage?

I am an in-network (INN) provider for the following insurance companies:

  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon (includes out-of-state BCBS plans)
  • United Healthcare/Optum/UBH
  • MODA
  • Providence Health Plan (not Providence Preferred network; that’s different)
  • First Choice Health Network
  • MHN/HealthNet
  • Aetna

If I am out-of-network (OON) with your insurance company, and your plan includes OON coverage, you will need to pay my full fee at time of service. I will provide you with the proper forms to submit claims to your insurance for reimbursement directly to you.  Please note that most OON policies have a high deductible and coinsurance, meaning you will owe the full rate until you have paid out that deductible amount,then owe a percentage.  I cannot guarantee reimbursement by your insurance company and am not responsible for outcomes regarding OON reimbursement.

For those with no insurance, or poor/no OON coverage, I offer a limited number of monthly sessions on a sliding fee scale, to be agreed upon prior to your first visit.